What are the common uses of pneumatic tools?

Pneumatic screwdriver: adopts a double hammer structure with high rotational speed. The cylinder is treated with a wear-resistant hard film surface, resulting in a longer lifespan and the force can be maintained for a long time. Pneumatic wrench: adopts a double ring strike structure, with high output torque and high balance. It is made of high nickel alloy steel, lightweight and durable, with a strong design suitable for assembly and maintenance in industries such as automotive manufacturing and woodworking machinery. Pneumatic grinding machine: High performance motors and transmission systems made of imported materials are selected, combined with precision tuning of ultra-low vibration values for operation characteristics. The bearings are specially designed for dust prevention, effectively reducing the lifespan of long shafts. Equipped with a noise reduction system, the noise is reduced to a lower level. Pneumatic riveting gun: fast speed, high pulling force, stable and reliable performance. The handle grip adopts a humanized arc back design, which is not easy to fatigue after long-term use. Suitable for aluminum window operations, electronic manufacturing, ventilation ducts, and various other riveting operations. Pneumatic nail pulling gun: High quality piston, tight transmission, no oil leakage. Humanized design, ergonomic handle design, to avoid fatigue from prolonged work. Widely applicable to: door and window factories, electronic factories, furniture factories, etc. Pneumatic spray gun: The atomization is uniform and delicate, widely used in automobiles, woodwork, and other industrial products. Nowadays, many manufacturing industries, mechanical industries, transportation industries, gas stations, repair garages, chemical industries, and others choose pneumatic tools for operation, because pneumatic tools have the characteristics of long lifespan, low cost, and strong adaptability. They can perform reliable work in general environments or environments with special temperature, humidity, and dust, making enterprises very confident.


This is the correct installation method for the cutting blades of the pneumatic angle grinder

Pneumatic angle grinder is a type of grinding tool used for cutting and polishing fiberglass. It is a portable pneumatic tool that utilizes fiberglass for cutting and polishing, mainly used for cutting, grinding, and brushing metal and stone materials. It mainly uses high-speed rotating thin disc grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, steel wire wheels, etc. to grind, cut, remove rust, and polish metal components. This equipment is suitable for cutting, grinding, and brushing metal and stone materials. Water should not be used during operations. Guide plates must be used when cutting stone. For models equipped with electronic control devices, grinding and polishing operations can also be carried out if suitable accessories are installed on such machines. The common models produced by angle grinder manufacturers are divided into 100mm (4 inches), 125mm (5 inches), 150mm (6 inches), 180mm (7 inches), and 230mm (9 inches) according to the accessory specifications used. The small size angle grinder commonly used in Europe and America is 115mm. How to install the cutting blades of the pneumatic angle grinder correctly? Is there a metal plate facing up or down? There are different opinions, some believe that facing outward with metal sheets is more reasonable, while others believe that facing inward is more reasonable. Which method is correct? The side with the metal sheet should be installed facing outward. Why? Because the outward facing side will come into contact with the screw, there will be friction when tightening. The metal side facing outward can reduce friction and prevent the angle grinding disc from bursting. If the metal free side is facing outward and the screw is tightened, the friction between the angle grinding disc and the screw will be large, and the uneven surface may cause uneven stress, resulting in cracks on the angle grinding disc. During use, when the angle grinding disc rotates at high speed, it may burst and fly out, which is very dangerous, Therefore, it is safer to install the metal sheet facing outward. In addition, the installation of saw blades in violation of regulations should be prohibited for pneumatic angle grinders, which is a very dangerous mistake! People who have used it all understand, beginners should not try! After the switch of the machine is turned on, even if it is released, it will not stop. Only by manually turning it off will it stop working. The speed of the machine is very high, therefore, when installing the saw blade to saw wood, the saw blade may get stuck, vibrate violently, etc., causing the angle grinder to grasp unstably and pop out.


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